1. World Health Organization. (2022, June 16). World mental health report: Transforming mental health for all. Executive summary.

2. Community Mental Health Centre - model in Poland

3. Community Mental Health Model

Conference Presentations

Ledia Lazeri (WHO Regional Office for Europe)
The process of deinstitutionalization of services of the mental health system - what is it, how does it proceed in different countries and what does it teach us? ►VIDEO   ►PRESENTATION

Dr. Roberto Mezzina (World Federation of Mental Health and International Mental Health Collaborative Network)
International trends in community care - including Trieste ►VIDEO   ►PRESENTATION

Dr. Jan Pfeiffer (Ministry of Health, Czech Republic) 
Czech Republic - an example of system reform from the perspective of the coordinator of this process ►VIDEO  ►PRESENTATION

Dr. Anna Depukat (Pilotage Office of the reform and IPiN)
Piloting of Mental Health Centers (MHCs) in Poland as preparation for system reform ►VIDEO   ►PRESENTATION

Prof. Andrzej Kiejna (Lower Silesian Mental Health Center, University of Lower Silesia)
What are the results of the first study of the pilot MHCs effectiveness? ►VIDEO   ►PRESENTATION

Aneta Walter & Izabela Flak (MHC Wieliczka)
How did we use the experience of the EU project (2018-2021) to establish MHC? ►VIDEO

Ewa Piątkowska & Ewa Makieła (CMHC Nowy Targ)
How do we make our dreams come true by working in an Open Dialogue approach with people in crisis, their families and social networks? ►VIDEO   ►PRESENTATION

Michał Stachów (Lower Silesian Mental Health Center)
How to engage psychiatric hospitals in the transition toward community mental health centres? ►VIDEO   ►PRESENTATION

Oliwia Kozak (MHC Wrocław Psie Pole)
How do we work in the community model of services to make patients recover? ►VIDEO   ►PRESENTATION

Anna Kraucz-Miękus (Foundation 'Opieka i Troska', partner of MHC Wrocław Psie Pole)
Social services integrated with health services - in practice ►VIDEO   ►PRESENTATION

Magdalena Nowak (University of Lower Silesia)
The University of Lower Silesia in the implementation of the objectives of the National Programme for Mental Health Protection ►VIDEO   ►PRESENTATION

Krzysztof Henczak (Polish Institute of Open Dialogue)
Recovery Assistants - who they are and what role may they have in the MHC team? ►VIDEO   ►PRESENTATION

Regina Bisikiewicz (Leadership Management Polska)
Change of thinking and change of practice - how they influence change of system? ►VIDEO   ►PRESENTATION

Olga Khan (WHO Poland Office)
WHO QualityRights - how can this program be used to support changes in the Polish system? ►VIDEO   ►PRESENTATION

Open Dialogue
Schütze, W. (2015). Open Dialogue as a contribution to a healthy society: possibilities and limitations. Postępy Psychiatrii i Neurologii, 24(2), 86-90.